Everything, taken to the extreme, can be dangerous. The difference for online gambling is that the line between normal behavior and gambling addiction is pretty thin. It is common to hear stories of a gambling addiction where someone has dug into a deep financial hole. 

Physical casino gambling addiction was already an issue. Taking this activity online and including sports betting in the picture provides more fodder for people with gambling problems.  Unfortunately, some start as simply a fun affair and end up pretty deep in a vicious cycle of uncontrolled gambling. 

Why Gambling Addiction Develops?

The pull factors for gambling addiction are ever more present. Awareness campaigns and messages are vital, but the gamer has to have a strong will to control their habits. 

Some of the factors that contribute to gambling addiction include:

  • The easy access to gambling platforms at all times.
  • Gambling on the internet can be solitary and unnoticed, fueling addictive habits.
  • The speed and intensity of some online casino games can make someone lose track of their gambling habits. 
  • Sports betting is euphoric and ever-present, which can lead to addictive patterns.
  • The virtual nature of many games can make some players forget that they are spending real money.
  • Online gambling can accelerate gambling addiction for people who have problematic gambling patterns in physical casinos. 

These are just some causes for online gambling addiction. The unique circumstances of each gamer also come into the equation in determining their propensity to develop an addiction. 

What is Responsible Gambling for Someone With Gambling Addiction? 

To some, responsible gambling sounds like an oxymoron. Stakeholders in this industry have developed broad ideas that outline responsible gambling. 

These standards aim to protect both the standards of gaming and promote their safe usage. An accountable gamer can also mean a good gamer because their activities are sustainable. 

After all, gambling should be fun and not inflict immeasurable pain on those who participate. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of the population recognizes the recreational nature of gambling and doesn’t take things to the extreme.

The golden rule for all forms of risky activity and trading is only to wager what you can afford to lose. In ordinary life, you have money that forms part of your core spending: bills, childcare, food, and the like. Then there is the extra money that goes into stuff like vacations and luxury spending. If you are to gamble money, the expenses in the latter category should make way first, if not permanently.

Online gambling platforms such as BC GAME and software providers know they have a role to play in this. Naturally, the gaming world comes under a fair bit of regulation. Some responsible gambling measures are statutorily mandated. An obvious example is preventing underage persons from gambling. 

These are some standard responsible gambling practices:

  1. Gambling operators are taking direct action to ensure all parties understand responsible gambling principles. 
  2. Online gambling platforms must ensure that they deliver provably fair gambling practices.
  3. Providing customer support for the promotion of responsible gambling and protecting vulnerable gamers.
  4. Ascertaining the age of players before they wager. 
  5. Providing a secure and transparent gaming experience with prominent messages on responsible gambling on the website.

How Players Can Enhance Their Online Gambling Habits

Crypto gambling enthusiasts have the most significant role in ensuring responsible gambling. It doesn’t matter how much resources a gambling operator pours into responsible gambling awareness. 

Ultimately, the gamer will have to develop the requisite discipline. It is like a sports team that has an excellent coach, facilities, and fans. However, if the players are not up to it, the rest is immaterial. 

Here are ways in which a gamer can keep a leash on their activity:

  • Keep track of the amount of time you play. It is better if you deliberately devote specific hours to gambling to prevent it from being an all-consuming affair. 
  • Keep track of your spending habits. 
  • Avoid chasing losses. This phenomenon describes a situation where the gambler wagers on blind optimism trying to make up for past losses. 
  • Ensure your child does not access your gambling account.
  • Always remember that you spend real money on the online gambling casino because this fact can become clouded when it’s all fun and numbers.
  • If your problem is severe, reach out for help before it destroys your life. There are various tools that sites use to control activity upon request or offer professional assistance. 

BC GAME Offers Support for Gambling Addiction:

Gambling platforms have a vested interest in having visible responsible gambling measures. After all, regulatory overreach usually comes in the form of cracking down on gambling addiction. BC GAME recommends professional help in this regard to contribute to efforts toward responsible gambling. The help is a necessity for many who visit the online gambling casino. There is much to gain from such professionals for those who are on the brink. 

Gambling is as severe as any other addiction, and those who find themselves in gambling quicksands need help to find their feet again.


Online gambling should be a fun and potentially rewarding activity. Admittedly, losses will always be part of the picture. 

However, a gambler should always retain control of their activity. When the fun to paint the pendulum is too lopsided on the latter’s side, it is time to take action. 

There is no shame in admitting that you have a gambling addiction problem. Such coming to terms is necessary to rectify the habit. 

The support is available and can be instrumental in getting back to responsible gambling habits.