There has been a lot of talk about cryptocurrency, crypto market growth, and what the future holds for it. In the last 18 months, cryptocurrency transformed with a faster growth rate than ever before. With that being said, this brings more unpredictability to its future. 

Although we already know that cryptocurrency makes worldwide payments easier, cheaper, and more secure, does the general public trust it enough to allow for a fast integration rate? These are the kinds of questions experts are asking themselves. 

No matter what we look at, it needs to be accepted and incorporated into most people’s day-to-day lives for an asset to be successful. Looking at the market as it stands, 50% of crypto investors would be happy to use it to pay online. 

On the other hand, with the rate of growth the market has been showing, analysts predict that by 2030 the cryptocurrency global market will have more than tripled. With so many stats clouding conversations, it’s hard to know whether to invest or not. 

People Have The Power In The Crypto Market

Cryptocurrency runs on the blockchain system, which means it is decentralized. This means that the power lies with the people rather than banks and governments. The only way cryptocurrency has a future is if people stay interested. With the number of digital coins steadily increasing, it means there is a demand for it. 

As long as the market stays active, with steady growth in adoption, cryptocurrency could at some stage overtake the currency front runner, fiat. Another interesting factor that has emerged in the crypto market is that the investor profile has evolved. This allows for a new spectrum of potential investors. 

Another recent trend to take hold of the market is the adoption of cryptocurrency amongst high-level businesses and traditional financial institutes. This is thanks to the demand from the people. With more and more people wanting to get away from centralized money, traditional infrastructures are starting to make a move. With such large-scale incorporation and levels of investment, it means a greater opportunity to earn returns. Second, the integration of cryptocurrency could threaten fiat currencies’ dominance amongst the people. 

How adaptation will affect the crypto market

How Adaptation Will Affect The Crypto Market

In the past, government overseers approached the crypto market with a laissez-faire attitude. This has led to a lack of urgency to create any regulations. Since then, things have changed. With the mass migration that the crypto market faced from 2015 to now, governments worldwide have started paying attention. Many countries are creating regulations around digital financial assets. 

These laws and regulations have been highly controversial amongst crypto investors. Some crypto investors have been applauding the integration of regulation, while others are wearier. Those in favor argue that the regulations could protect those investing, ensuring more security and peace of mind. Equally, those opposed to it seem to think that it goes against the very makeup of digital coins. 

Advantages of widespread cryptocurrency regulations:

  • Allows more businesses to accept cryptocurrency. 
  • Increases the value of cryptocurrency. 
  • Reduces the chance of criminal activity associated with cryptocurrency.
  • Increase the security of trading cryptocurrency 
  • Makes cryptocurrency more stable overall and many others.

Disadvantages of widespread cryptocurrency regulations:

  • Regulations result in more government control and surveillance. 
  • Create limitations for borderless transactions.
  • The possibility of a decrease of value in cryptocurrency.
  • It makes cryptocurrency more expensive to buy and trade
  • Reduces the anonymity and privacy it is known for, amongst others. 

The Bitcoin Price And Other Altcoins

The leader of the pack has been Bitcoin since the very beginning. With the most significant mass adoption and market recognition, it is no surprise that the Bitcoin price is the highest. Some of the top Bitcoin contenders include altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, and many others. For those interested in crypto gambling, more than 50+ of the top cryptocurrencies can be used at BC GAME.

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There is Still Plenty More To Come From Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency has gained momentum for many reasons. With such a large percentage of the world looking for ways to create freedom, it’s no surprise that digital coins have thrived off volatility and anonymity. On that note, for those looking to further immerse themselves in the privacy of cryptocurrency, try out the best anonymous casino, BC GAME, and try out over 50+ accepted cryptocurrencies.