Crypto gambling has helped further expand the online entertainment landscape, broadening the horizon of almost all online crypto gambling experiences. From live play to on-the-go betting, almost anything can be achieved when playing at the best crypto casino online. 

With so many experiences to be had, it’s essential to ensure you know your next move. With the industry consisting of many different elements, it’s essential to identify the key areas to help you navigate crypto casinos with ease. In the case of online gambling, it’s been proven that in this day and age, the most basic forms of crypto casino enjoyment are blockchain technology and mobile gaming. 

History Of Crypto Casino

Although the first cryptocurrency was first launched in 2009, online casinos actually started back in 1996, when the first online casino appeared on the scene. This site was called InterCasino, and without the creation of the first financial transaction system by CryptoLogic, none of it would have been possible. 

As the years passed, the popularity of online casinos grew rose, and in the first decade, the growth was relatively stagnant. But that changed when technology expansion skyrocketed in the mid-2000s, with more and more casinos popping up.

The fundamental shift happened in 2009 when Bitcoin was brought onto the scene opening the doors to far greater possibilities. Nowadays, the landscape is constantly expanding, with hundreds of crypto casinos entering the crypto ecosystem every year. 

Shaping the industry are the copious opportunities offered online, and with technology constantly improving, the possibility to gain is always on the cards. To help you keep up, take a look below at the gambling trends expected to unfold this year. 

Crypto Casino Trends To Unfold In 2022

Crypto casinos have shown more resilience than most online establishments, offering a constant supply of ways to win. With interactivity being the primary goal in any online landscape, crypto gambling sites have persevered and integrated some remarkable experiences filled with live engagement and enticing returns. 

Out of all the forms of entertainment online, gambling has proven that it not only can stand the test of time but is able to integrate into any environment. There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of gambling online, but here are the trends to add thrill to an already exciting industry.

Online casinos in virtual worlds

Whether you are big into tech or not, we are sure you have heard of the Metaverse and the idea of a virtual reality. Well, in early 2021, the high-ranking video game developer, Atari, distributed a press release stating there would be a collaboration with Decentral Games to build the ultimate virtual casino. 

The casino would be situated in Vegas within the Ethereum-based Metaverse, Decentraland. This virtual casino is designed to be a digital ecosystem that provides gamblers the opportunity to inhabit an avatar body and engage with other like-minded gamblers. 

This casino will pave the way to many future endeavors, with it being the first community-owned metaverse crypto casino. With new opportunities to take part in, the online gambling scene just got that much more intriguing. 

Skill-based gambling

Online gambling’s most successful game is definitely slots, allowing mindless entertainment for all players to lose themselves in. With this in mind, there is a large group of players looking for something a little more skill-based to push the limits and increase the thrill of the adventure. 

Luckily for players, the growth in technology has further expanded the possibilities, bringing about the potential of the incorporation of skill-based slots, along with many other gambling games. 

In 2020, skill-based games became a more real reality, with GameCO, the company is known for starting the craze of video game gambling, stepped into the online arena. As of right now, Betsoft holds the reins for skill-based games, with their titles Max Quest coming the closest to skill-based gambling. 

Smartwatch casinos

Smartwatches have become a hot trend in many avenues, including fashion, entertainment, and even communication. With the ability to connect with just the click of a button, the online world is slowly starting to mix with our day-to-day lives. This could be seen as an advantage of many industries, including that of the gambling sector, which has taken up the opportunity to get involved in mobile and now smartwatch play! 

In 2014 the first smartwatch support game was released. The proud creator was none other than the industry leader, Microgaming. The first release was Thunderstruck, followed by The Dark Knight Rises. To help you understand the potential of this sector of the market, keep in mind that the smartwatch industry is expected to expand to a value of $88 billion by 2027.

Go Big And Grow With Gambling

The gambling industry is expected to grow from the value of $59 billion US to $92.9 billion US, taking over some of the most popular forms of fun online. With plenty of opportunities on the cards, now is your chance to indulge at BC GAME and try out some of the up-and-coming crazes within the industry.